Design Approach

The practice takes a holistic approach to their work. From the larger scale of form and light to the finer details of junctions and materials, a thorough design process and well considered decisions addressing both pragmatic and aesthetic concerns characterise the final result.

Sustainability and functionality are common principles to all projects, resulting in harmony and cohesion between the structure, its inhabitants, and the natural elements. Designs incorporate financial, environmental and social factors, and materials selected ensure durability, minimal maintenance and maximum energy efficiency.

This approach results in built environments that are cost effective to live or work in, have acceptable levels of green house emissions, are resilient to the impact of external elements, provide good natural lighting and air quality, and are low maintenance. Most importantly, the spaces are pleasant to occupy and offer a positive and lasting contribution to the area they inhabit.

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Professional Approach

CCA manage projects in a co-operative process between client, specialist consultants, and authorities to fulfill the projects potential. Extensive experience enables the practice to provide cost effective and creative solutions to client requirements and desires. The practice seeks to maintain long-term associations with their clients.

CCA provide complete project management, from initial concept design to documentation and administration of the contract to see the project through to completion.

Project Management

Chester & Chester Architects provide full project management services to bring a project from inception to completion, including initial sketch design, full documentation and contract administration. Specialist consultants are coordinated to provide the required expertise to achive the best possible outcome. CCA understand and professionally manage the complexities of design and construction.

Established 1964